Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Review: The Mighty Lalouche by Matthew Olshan

The Mighty LaloucheThe Mighty Lalouche by Matthew Olshan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lalouche was a humble postman living in Paris, France around 150 years ago. He was not very tall and very skinny but, he was nimble, fast and strong. Lalouche loved being a postman until the day he was told he was being let go because the postal service had bought a fleet of electric cars. What was a small, bony postman to do? Then Lalouche saw an ad from the Bastille Boxing Club asking "Are you nimble? Are you fast? Are you strong?" Well, he was nimble; and he was fast; and he was strong, so Lalouche answered the ad. The Mighty Lalouche was born!
The Mighty Lalouche tells the tale of how one small, bony postman became a boxing sensation. Given the wrestling mania of today, I found this historic tale to be entertaining. I was a little confused because the boxers also used their feet and one even stood on Lalouche in the ring. An author's note at the end explains la boxe francaise, or French boxing allowed fighters to use their feet similar to our kickboxing today. (Although standing on your opponent was an no-no.) The note also talks about the electric car used in the illustrations for the story. It was a real electric car but a race car, not one used for carrying the mail. I think this is a good book for young boys interested in boxing/wrestling or anytime you want to read a story book and throw some history in there too.
I recommend it for children ages 4 - 6.

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