Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book Review - Dino-Basketball by Lisa Wheeler

Dino-basketball (Carolrhoda Picture Books)Dino-basketball by Lisa Wheeler

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dinos dunk and dinos score as we watch the dinos run up and down the floor. This is March Madness dino style. The colorful pictures keep the action of Dino Basketball fast and furious. Who is going to win this close scoring basketball game - Clippers (the grass eaters) or Meat (the meat eaters) - it is anyone's guess.

Fast paced like a real basketball game this book flows very quickly. The dinosaurs are colorful but a little confusing. It was hard to tell which dinosaur the author was speaking about. I know several little boys who would have been able to tell me right away, but not being quite the dinosaur fan, I was unable to relate the cartoonish dinosaurs to the realistic ones I have seen in other books. The only other thing about this book which turned me off was the use of the term "Meat" for one of the team names. I know they are the meat eaters but it just rang wrong with me.

I would recommend Dino Basketball for all those young dinosaur enthusiast who have exhausted the other dinosaur books.

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